Best Leather Jacket Brands In the USA

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It's about that time when everyone is arranging their wardrobes again. It's basically what comes with living in places with a constantly changing climate. With the fall season fast approaching, many have been thrown into the frenzy of sorting their fall wardrobe this time. But what's a fall wardrobe if there's no sign of a leather jacket in it?

If everyone needs a cold-weather outfit, then it's a leather jacket. While leather jackets are a necessary fashion staple in everyone's wardrobe, where are the best places to source them in America? There are several brands to buy quality leather jackets from, as most also offer various payment options.

Interestingly, most of these brands are kin to the cryptocurrency market. You can either use the legal tender or deposit to their crypto wallets. Very easy, buy Ethereum or any other crypto and pay for your leather jacket. However, we've compiled some of today's best leather jacket brands in the USA.

  1. Veda

If you are looking for a brand that offers from standard classics to trendy leather jackets, Veda should be on your list. The brand is owned by Lyndsey Butler, who created the elegant women's leather jacket fashion line in 2008.

The brand is not only known for its layered designed jackets and outfits but also for its sustainability. A jacket on their website goes as low as $170 and can be copped out of their downtown New York City studio.

  1. Sakama USA

With over 40 years of experience specializing in leather fashion outfits, Sakama has made a name for itself across the globe. There are many exciting things about buying your leather jacket from this brand.

They offer quality unisex leather jackets, low-price commitment to customers, and you have crypto payment options. If you have Bitcoin or Litecoin, you can freely shop online or offline at Sakama USA.

  1. Saint Laurent

Although Saint Laurent is a French-owned brand, it's scattered across the US, selling some of the best men's leather jackets. In the United States alone, there are over 40 YSL stores. Do you know what that means? You can easily walk into any closeby YSL store to buy a jaw-dropping men's leather jacket.

While YSL leather jacket designs are pricey and sought-after, the brand does not accept crypto payment. So, if you prefer payments in crypto, then Saint Laurent isn't the best choice.

  1. Tom Ford

Tom Ford, the eponymous fashion brand founded by the American fashion designer Thomas Carlyle Ford also has quality leather jackets. The brand offers both male and female leather jackets.

Their leather jackets are crafted in Italy from soft calf leather and tailored to hug the body. So, if you're looking for a figure-flattering leather jacket, you should consider Tom Ford jackets. Another interesting thing about the brand is that customers can make payments using Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  1. Laer

Laer is another US-owned fashion brand that sells one of the best leather jackets. The brand specializes only in leather jackets for both men and women. Do you know what that means? They're experts at what they do with their leather jackets sourced from Italy and Japan.

Leather jackets sold by the brands go as low as $595. But, although the brand offers some of the best handmade leather jackets, crypto payment here is not accepted.

  1. All Saints

If a brand has mastered the art of cult-favorite leather jackets, then it's All Saints. Although the brand is known mainly for its classic-styled jackets, you'll find something in their store that catches your attention.

In the US alone, All Saints has over 62 stores across the country, but they do not accept payment in cryptocurrency, even if it is a smart contract.

  1. Dolce Gabbana

The Italian brand has existed for 37 years, and they remain one of the brands offering quality fashion items. It's telling as their leather jackets are one of the sought-after jackets by many.

One of the brand's best leather jackets is their bomber jacket. The jacket has military-like aesthetics and feels hardcore but still high-fashion. If you love black leather jackets but don't like biker jackets, then you should go for Dolce's bomber jackets. Unfortunately, to get this jacket at Dolce, you'll need to use only the accepted legal tender (dollar).

  1. Hugo Boss

When you think of Hugo Boss leather jackets, what comes to mind are confidence and charisma. If you are looking for a leather jacket that makes you look cool, then the Hugo Boss trucker leather jacket for men is the choice.

The jacket features a detachable lining, patched pockets, and lustrous tonal trims made with rich leather. You can easily pair the Hugo Boss jacket with any underpants, and you'll still achieve that luxury look.


Apart from the brands above, there are several other brands in the US to buy leather jackets. But, the above-listed brands are some of the most reliable amongst them; the cool part is that some accept crypto payment.

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