Wardrobe Essentials for a glamorous look

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In this modern world, everyone is on about how they look in public. They take steps at length to enhance their phycial appearance and like to couple it with their unique character to create a personality that they want the world to see. Especially when we talk about the changing trends and fashion statements, each and every work or business niche ahs a particular fashion trend or style linked to it. You got formal ones for presentations and stuff and informal for picnics and other such days. Hence being at the parallel familiarization of these fashion icons and latest trends is not only good for your overall personality but also a great tool for effective work ethics and professionalism.


With the increasing craze revolving around social media platforms and various icons of fashion and modeling who are constantly influencing their followers to adapt to their fashion choices, everyone is bound to have a unique and personal sense of clothing and attire. But there are some essentials that we think you must have in your wardrobe to give it a complete touch. The key is to buy the things that you feel you can get the most out of, and couple them with most of your outfits for various occasions.


It does not always mean to buy the most recent branded trends and waste loads of money on things you may never buy. In reality, wardrobe ethics revolves around you buying things that are suited for you, the ones you know sure about where you can wear them, and you can get most of those minimal number of clothing categories. It also means choosing quality over quantity and getting the most out of your current resources. Hence effective and cost-effective buying of clothes is always recommended and we have made a list of those essentials for your further aid.  


Versatile footwear:


When we talk about footwear especially for men, there is only a handful of categories we can deal with. There are casual shoes like sneakers and pseudo, the more classic shoes or boots for dressing formally and lastly, you have some sportswear or casual shoes. No matter which brand you tend to buy, what we recommend is looking for some key points before going for a particular option. For casual shoes and pseudo ones, we recommend that you pair your sneakers with a more dark color so that it won’t wear quickly and show signs of dirt or usage. For dress shoes, we recommend going for durability as they can last longer for your various events and occasions. But having all three categories is a must because they are all suitable for a particular type of event or day. With various stockx online deal codes and other discounts, you can buy your favorite brands at affordable prices.  




 We recommend five different pants and trouser options that will be suitable for almost any kind of day you might have to face. Staring with dark-colored denim jeans, as they are mostly incredibly versatile in any part of the world for almost all kinds of work or casual days. Next comes slacks. You can choose between gray flannel or khakis depending upon your conscience and usage. For cyle commutes or workday travels, commuter pants are the best options. We recommend only one pair of shorts as they are not suitable for every body type. Dress pants are a must of you care about work ethics and finally light-weighted wool trousers for tropical and warmer areas.  


Collared and non-collared shirts:


We recommend buying seven collared shirts be it casual or dress ones. For non-collared shirts, they are mostly casual, and having four of them is enough as you most of the time is spent on work or doing more formal duties. You can choose your henleys or v necks as suited to your style and personal liking. 


Jackets and coats:


We recommend having three of these. A suit, a sports jacket, and a blazer. Suit jackets are a must when you ware suits, and frankly who doesn’t in this cooperative world. Secondly, you need a sports jacket as they can be incredibly versatile and keep you warm for mild to strong winters. They are causal and have a rigged texture mostly lighter colors. Blazers are in between the above two having darker colors mostly and golden buttons with a nautical feeling. 




These include watches, bands, ties, pocket squares, sunglasses, belts. These are all subjective to your own taste and fashion trends and can be changed after a decent usage period.

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