Trendy Functional Sports Jacket for Men

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Apparently, you may not differentiate between a normal jacket and a sports jacket as they look almost the same. A sports jacket possesses a few features that are strikingly different from a casual jacket that you are habituated to see people wearing. A sports jacket has different fabrics, designs, cuts, and stitches. Designers in this discipline keep attention to its style and functionality. While a general one that you buy from the market primarily focuses on style, a sports jacket needs to be sustainable, comfortable, and flexible. It needs to survive all twists and turns the wearer does while practicing or playing. You might have seen stylish golf jackets golfers wear on the ground or tennis players wear when they reach the court and warm up. Those look stylish but designed with uncompromised quality management.

Sports Jacket – Certain features make it different

The origination of the name “Sports Jacket” obviously came from its frequent use in the sporting fraternity.

The fit

Players prefer loose-fit jackets that are breathable and allows free movement of hands and trunk. Many sportsmen and sportswomen wear a sweater underneath. So, it needs to be a loose fit.

The fabrics

Sports jackets are made of the sturdiest possible fabrics. Needless to say, the way it’s mostly used needs tough threads that can make a sustainable jacket. There are other important aspects too like breathability and sweat absorption capacity. These days, different hi-tech fabrics are used to soak sweats quickly so that the user doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

The function

This part is what makes sports jacket a completely different section in jackets and suits fashion. Sports jackets were meant for sports personalities like sportsmen and sportswomen in golf, tennis, football, basketball, table tennis, and other popular outdoor sports. This accounts for the rugged outer appearance as well as its style details. Quarter-zip jackets are the most popular category in this section.

How is the quality of a sports jacket maintained?  

In order to design a high-quality sports jacket, designers and manufacturers pay utmost attention to some specific details:

  • The shoulder – In a professionally tailored sports jacket, the shoulder junction with the sleeve needs to be smooth yet strong. It all depends on the stitch.
  • The design – A professionally designed sports jacket’s design perfectly adjusts with stitching. Certain areas liken the zip, shoulder, pockets, collar, and waist makes all the difference. As fitting is important so also the knitting.
  • Padding – This is another important part of a sports jacket. Certain parts of the jacket need padding for necessary comforts like the elbow and neck areas. However, not all sports jackets come with padding. Certain jackets in this category use a foamy part as a second layer that is composed of hi-tech fabrics specially prepared for sportswear. Today

In the initial period of the twenties, the term “sports jacket” was not so popular. In fact, jackets were not as popular as it is today. Most of the male population used to wear jackets as casual dresses. Today, the popularity of this outfit has spread across the globe and in all types of sports. With stylish golf jackets, both males and female players are flaunting their style and ramping the golf courses.

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