Party Like There’s No Tomorrow Wearing Leather Jackets

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Who run the world? Girls! - goes the popular song by American singer beyoncé. The girls who run the world deserve to party hard, ain’t they? We show you how to party right in the right attire.


Parties are the highlight of any young person’s life. Dressing up for parties is half the fun of a party, at least for a girl. If you are looking for girls leather jackets in Australia, then you are in for an exercise of patience, because the choices are abundant. It helps if you have an idea of what kind of party you are going to and what look you are aiming for. 


Choosing The Right Jacket


Invited to a beach party or a party by the pool, opt for a jacket in a lightweight, sheepskin material. It would also help if the material dries a bit faster, in case you accidentally wet your dress. Wearing the leather jacket over a bathing suit is a great idea.


Choose a casual jacket for a birthday party, nothing too flashy and gaudy, keep in mind you are not the birthday girl. Reserve the flashy, slinky leather jackets for the cocktail parties. Parties where you burn the dance floor with your moves, call for short dresses which do not hinder the fluidity of your body.


Pick a classy, slit dresses for a high-end party on a yacht. Pastel chiffons are for the bridal showers. Bachelorettes are the perfect excuse for breaking rules, given it is most probably a party with a close-knit circle of friends. Go crazy with a deep neckline and a super-short hem.




Accessories make or break any look. Choose accessories with care. Flat sandals with strap details are the best match for a beach or pool party. Bring out your highest pair of heels for that cocktail party.


Sneakers are your best friend on the dance floor, sneakers with a nice black leather jacket give off feminist vibes like no other. Be comfortable in your own skin and own the dance floor.


Matching your footwear to your bags is passé; make your own sense of style shine through. Clutches on a long chain look great with a cocktail dress. A waterproof satchel to keep your belongings safe is an intelligent choice for a party at the beach.




Is any look complete without the right make-up? Water-proof makeup is a must for the sunny day out. Dark lips, heavy-lidded eyes, and dramatic lashes are the way to go to that dinner party. Take care and pamper your skin afterward, and don't forget to remove your make-up before you hit the sack.


Awaken the party animal in you and dance your blues away!!

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