Important Tips for Taking Care of Your Jewelry

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If it is within our financial means, we sometimes buy expensive pieces of jewelry some of which might be family heirlooms with a rich and exciting historical background. As you can readily learn from any of the hundreds of Houston gold dealer establishments specializing in gemstones and other precious metals, maintaining the high quality and luster of these precious items requires more than casual treatment. They need proper care in order not to lose their sparkle and dazzle.


Care Begins with Security


If the pieces you own are made of rare metals like gold or diamonds, one important aspect of care that comes into play is security. Diamond or gold items are not just decorative fashion accessories, but they are a sensible means of investment. Their ROI (return on investments) increases with time rather than depreciating. When put on sale, they readily fetch millions in cash. No one can afford to handle such items carelessly.


Simplicity Always Wins


The type of care all types of jewelry are subjected to determines their longevity. Taking proper care of them can make them retain their shiny form through several generations of ownership. For starters, you do not need expensive cleaning solutions for polishing your jewels. A soft brush with bristles with warm, soapy water will perfectly do the trick. Diamonds are sometimes polished with a blue solvent which is alcohol-based. This can gradually erode unstable fracture fillers. Ultrasonic cleaning can also be damaging to fragile antique pieces.



Take them Off Before Slipping into Bed


Before slipping beneath the sheets, remember to pull off your jewelry. Sleeping while they are on your body may cause unnecessary stress on components such as joints, chains etc. Also, a prong bent out of place may dislodge a stone which in extreme circumstances may end up in your ears. The best thing to do is to make sure you and your jewelry spend the night apart. And Before Diving into a Pool Yes, remember that too. Holidays are times for fun and frivolity, but that is no excuse for you to dive into swimming pool jewelry and all! If you intend to swim in the ocean or get a spa treatment, take off your pieces. If they come into contact with the chemicals used in pools, they may be oxidized. Also, watch for body and hair sprays because they too have chemicals that may cause corrosion and discoloring.


Avoid Rubbing Jewels on Clothes


You do not want your jewels damaged or frayed by constant rubbing on the clothes you wear. As a precaution, remove your jewels first before pulling off your clothes. The same also applies when you are dressing. The jewels should come last because some edgy and pointed parts may snap off or damage your cloth if they catch the fabric.


Secure and Store Different Jewels Separately


It is vital to ensure that your jewels are in a safe place just in case your house is broken into by a burglar. Those that can tarnish should be stored in zip-lock or air-tight plastic bags. However, jewelry made of pearls should not be put in a sealed container. And don’t forget to store jewelry made from different metals separately. Lastly, read the instructions on the container carefully if you must use a cleaning solvent.

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