Expert Tips for Buying a Leather Jacket

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There are fashion trends which come and go, but a quality leather jacket is absolutely timeless. From a classic biker jacket to a flight jacket with a furry collar, leather jackets are incredibly versatile and look great with so many different styles. A quality leather jacket will last you decades and if you look after it properly, it will look as good in ten years' time as the day you bought it. Choosing a leather jacket can be difficult because there are so many options available. From selecting the best leather to choosing a style which were you looking your absolute coolest, there is a lot to consider.


To help everyone who is looking to add this staple item to their wardrobe, here are expert tips for buying a leather jacket.


Look for the Best Quality Leather for your Budget


When it comes to leather jackets, you tend to get what you paid for, and while a designer brand will push the price up, it is the leather itself that dictates how much you will need to spend. The experts at explain that quality leather is supple and slightly soapy when you touch it and won’t be shiny or plastic like imitation leather. It is always worth spending that little bit extra when it comes to a leather jacket, but the prices really do vary a lot.


Here are two different options to choose from:


Full Grain Leather


This is the best quality (and most expensive) leather and jackets made from this will be uniquely stunning. A full grain leather jacket may feel a little stiff at first, just like a quality pair of leather shoes, but after you have worn it for a while, it will start to mold itself perfectly to you.


Top Grain Leather


If your budget is a little limited to splash out on full grain leather, then the top grain is a solid alternative. Although the natural leather has been removed from top grain, it have been stamped to replicate the look of the original grain.


When choosing a leather jacket, don’t only look at the quality of leather. You also need to check the workmanship, the zippers, buttons, and the overall feel of the garment.


Consider Faux Leather


While leather jackets are considered by most people to be super cool, some vegans and animal rights fans would disagree. If you love the look of a leather jacket, but don’t want any animals to suffer for your style, a faux leather jacket could be a good choice for you. Unfortunately, the reality is that faux leather’s reputation for being slightly cheap-looking and shiny is not entirely unearned, but if you shop around there are some good imitation leather jackets to be found. Faux leather will not last as long as real leather, so go for a slightly thicker jacket to counteract the wear and tear.


Choose Your Style Biker Jackets


The original rebel of jackets, the biker jacket usually comes in black leather, and is a cropped jacket with studs and statement zippers. Made popular originally by bikers, the design of the cropped cut was to enable motorcyclists to lean forward comfortably. These days, however, the biker jacket is a universal fashion piece and you don’t need to have ever stepped near a motorcycle to pull one off. Match your biker jacket with slim jeans and a t-shirt, light knitwear or an Oxford shirt. 


Leather Field Jackets


Field jackets are another classic style and bring a military look to your style. Field jackets are more traditionally made of cotton, but the leather versions are hugely popular. Cut a little longer than biker jackets and other styles, field jackets come with many front pockets and a waist belt to create a fitted look. Field jackets work well in a rural style, so match it with a chunky knit sweater and some warm boots.


Flight Jackets


Many people would argue that flight jackets are the original leather jacket which started the ball rolling for all the rest. Originally designed for fighter pilots, they are bulky with a wool lining to keep the wearer warm. Because of this lining, you shouldn’t wear too many layers underneath or you could get too hot. Stick to some great trousers and a light knit or t-shirt. Flight jackets are weighty so you should keep the rest of your outfit light.


With a little bit of thought and some careful shopping, you will be able to find the ultimate leather jacket combining style and design. It is always worth spending that little extra bit of money to ensure that the quality of the leather is good as you will get a lot of longevity out of your jacket. Try on a range of jackets in different styles and see what suits your look and your leather jacket is sure to become a beloved item in your closet.

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