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If there’s one character everyone knows about, its James Bond. You might not be a fan, or like him, or might not have watched a single movie from the entire series, but you would still know who James Bond is, and what 007 stands for. This iconic Hollywood character is a British intelligence officer in the Secret Intelligence Service, who is alsowidely known as MI6. Bond is famously notorious by his code number, 007. This Royal Naval Reserve Commander, who is also a spy and detective, is loved by audience for his charming, bold, confident, and classy demeanor.


Quantum of Solace was the 22nd installment of the James Bond series featuring Daniel Craig in the lead role. Bond, in this movie, sets out on a mission to investigate a murder, and finds himself walking through the paths of danger and deceit. In this action thriller, Bond stunned the audience with his power packed performances, and classic, smart, and effortless fashion choices. Perhaps, the most popular of them, is the Daniel Craig Quantum of Solace Jacket.




Like most black leather jacket USA market has, the Daniel Craig Quantum of Solace Jacket is also a black leather jacket made from 100% real leather. It also features an inner viscose lining that shields you from the winters, and act as a warmer to keep you protected from the colds. The front zipper closure in this jacket, is not just a design detail, it is also a very practical addition to this piece, so that when you’re zipped up, you can be sure that your chest is not exposed to the cold. The jacket also entails two pockets on the waistline, which can also be used as hand warmers, and two pockets on the inside, to keep important documents safe, because when you are a world famous spy like James Bond, you all have secret information that you need to safeguard.




Custom Leather Jackets Maker are one of the most popular trends, one that won’t fade away with time. There are not enough words to describe how versatile leather jackets are. The Daniel Craig Quantum of Solace Jacket can be dressed for a perfect street style outfit, with black jeans and a beautiful top, and some sneakers. It can also be dressed with an all-black look, with black boots for a more biker style dressing. These jackets can be paired with a smart shirt, dress pants or formal trousers, and smart shoes for a formal look, the kind of formal that is enticing and not boring at all, the kind that you can wear to a formal event and then head straight to a party, the kind that makes you stand out. It lifts up the entire look and takes it from a basic level to making it the star of the show.


With numerous ways to style it, you can wear a black leather jacket in any way that suits your personality. It will make you look good, once you wear it like you own the style, and that it was made just for you.

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