Terms & Conditions

This section of our website highlights the important details that our visitors and customers would need to know and abide.

We, at Distressedjackets.com have all the rights to modify, and update the policies and terms of use whenever we desire.

Intellectual property rights disclaimer:

All the content, images, illustrations, logos, etc are intellectual property owned and licensed by distressedjackets.com. The website is also under protection by copyright laws. Abuse of any image, data or content is not acceptable. Visitors are not allowed to modify, reproduce, or update any information present at the website.

Website Content:

Distressedjackets.com has all the right to create, modify, update, or change any information or content on the webpage. This also includes after the time order has been placed (Up to 30 days of delivery). However, in this case, the customer has all the rights to return the item as per the Returns and Exchange policy, if they are not satisfied with the product or service.

Taxes and Import Duties:

The prices at distressedjackets.com do not include any tax or import duty and the buyer is liable to pay for the shipment.

No Waiver:

If these terms are breached by you and no action is taken against you, we still will be entitled to use our rights in another circumstance where you will breach these conditions.

All Returns are subjected to 10% restocking charges