Shipping & Delivery Information

Exclusive Offer!

Shop for more than $200 and get your items shipped at your house for free, no matter how many the items are! It is made sure that your items are delivered to you as soon as possible at There is no compromise in the quality of the products. All of the products made are pre-sale or made to order that is why are made freshly, we do not stock the products as they lose their charm lying in the warehouse. Although our most hot designs are stocked at our warehouses in London, United Kingdom and at Chicago but mostly are made to order. Usually 2 to 3 days are used to ready a jacket because most of the patterns are ready made except when the customer places an order according to his demand, other than that if the order is delayed due to some reasons, customer is informed in advance.

The Cycle

It usually takes about 10 working days to deliver the jacket to the customer during normal circumstances. For manufacturing the product, 2 to 3 working days are used, and for delivering about 3 to 7 working days (depends on your location). Courier express services are used by us for delivery such as DHL, FedEx and SkyNet. Sometimes postal services like USPS in USA and RoyalMail in UK are also used for readily available items.

The Costs

The Rates which usually are for shipping are $54.99 for most of the countries. The cost of shipping is a bit high in the regions where the postage cost is high which include Eastern Europe, Africa and South America. As told before.
 For orders above than $200, delivery is absolutely free, no matter how many products are bought.

Import Duties And Taxes is not responsible for any import duties/taxes a buyer may experience. All the products bought are exclusive of all these charges. Buyer should check with their domestic customs if they are going to get charged for importing or buying our items. Custom policy are different in different parts of the world, some countries impose taxes if an import is made of a high value item, therefore the responsibility of checking if they are going to be charged by the customs is up to the customers.

All Returns are subjected to 10% restocking charges